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There has been a lot in the news recently regarding websites built in WordPress, most of the attention hasn’t been positive either.

Recent Events

Unfortunately there has been a number of robots attempting to ‘hack‘ these types of website, even when unsuccessful it has caused negative effects of slowing down the hosting servers where the websites are located.

What Does This Mean

So, should we abandon WordPress as a platform for making a company website Content Manageable? There are certainly a number of Web Design companies suggesting we should, but there is no surprise to this as most have a vested interest in peddling their own ‘bespoke’ CMS.  I personally would suggest not and I don’t think I am alone in this suggestion.  Even Google’s Matt Cutts suggested in a recent video, that from an SEO purpose WordPress was a good platform to use.

During a Directors meeting back in 2011 when CMS was becoming more of a buzzword than ever Graham and I decided that we wanted to give our clients the best choice and value option available and so it was decided we would stick with Open Source platforms like WordPress and Joomla.  I often tell clients that we want clients to stay with us because they like us not because they are tied to our own CMS that other companies won’t touch.

Common Myths

  • WordPress is less secure – Any website that relies on a database is potentially vulnerable including bespoke
  • It provide less functionality than bespoke CMS – Both WordPress and Joomla offer Modules to extend the functionality for most uses.
  • All WordPress websites look the same – A lot of people use templates or don’t have the design capability to extend beyond the familiar, but we like to think are sites are different.
  • CMS Sites are not very good for SEO – As mentioned earlier, even Google are appreciating the use of WordPress when done right.


So what I am saying is if you have a site built with WordPress, Joomla or similar don’t panic.  If you are unsure of how secure your web site is speak to your web developer or better still speak to us.


New Web Design Studio In Bridport

Tucked away in a sleepy part of Dorset is the beautiful little market town of Bridport, most famous for it’s history of rope making and not the most obvious place to open a new office for a Creative & Marketing company but owing to my recent move to the area I see it as an ideal location that sits in the very heart of Dorset and allows me to reach new clients.

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Financing Your Project

We are all facing challenging times with the current economic climate as it is, but don’t let this put you off investing in the growth of your business. Previous recessions have shown companies that invest more in their marketing during that period have taken considerable market share from competitors who have reduced their marketing investment.

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Web Design in 2012

Web design in 2012

Responsive websites

Responsive design allows you to show differently styled versions of your website to visitors based on the internet viewing device they are using. For example, a user on an iPhone would get a version of the site that is easy to read on a small screen, whereas a desktop computer user would get a larger scale site with larger images and potentially more interactivity.

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