Graphic Design

Graphic design is all around us. Increasingly, businesses that fail to invest in good graphic design are being left behind – but all is not lost…

What is Graphic Design

Many people think that graphic design is all about colouring inside of the lines. We believe that graphic design is design that seeks to communicate information in a beautiful and simple fashion. 

Design surrounds us – whether on a restaurant menu, a t-shirt design, an instruction manual or a shop window sign. Graphic designers can use connections or even oppositions between images and words, colours and shapes to draw interest, attention and ultimately awareness.

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PixelSparks Design

Our design team produces a wide range of graphic work, from corporate identity to stationery, signage to exhibitions.

If you have a project you want to start, why not get in touch – and whilst you’re at it, check out our testimonials and portfolio pages!

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