Branding and strategy

A consistent and clear brand is essential to the success of any business or organisation, as it communicates who you are and what you do. It is a common misconception that branding is simply designing the logo or identity, in fact, this is just the visual expression of your overall brand. This is why right from the start we will establish with you the bigger picture, in order to ensure we capture who you are most effectively through your visual identity and other communications.

If you are thinking of building a brand from scratch or developing your existing brand, fill in the form below. This will get the ball rolling and provide us with a good foundation for a successful project.

Visual identity/logo design

Once we have established your core brand characteristics we can begin to build an effective mark to represent who you are. You can expect a few of our best options to chose from, we will then work with you to develop your chosen route.

On completion you will receive your logo as a set of various file types, for use on print items and on the web, full colour and black and white.

Brand elements and guidelines

Beyond the core logo design, we can expand your visual impact by creating a suite of design elements to make up a set of brand guidelines, a useful document that will detail exactly how these items should be used in different situations. Depending on your requirements, guidelines can include information on typography, colours, templates, photography, and supporting graphic elements, including their uses at different scales etc. This all enables you to manage your brand effectively after our work is done.

A brand is typically made up of the following elements:

  • Name of company or organisation.
  • Logo, or the visual mark that identifies the brand against competitors.
  • Strapline, or a short supporting line that can be used where further explanation is necessary.
  • Colours, a set of pantone references to ensure the same colour combinations are always used for brand recognition.
  • Graphic elements, these might include specific shapes, an illustration style, or photography.