Motion Graphics and Animated Videos

A motion graphics based video is a great way to get a video produced on a budget. The difference between a recorded video and a motion graphics video is that recorded video requires footage, which is both time consuming to shoot and requires expensive equipment.

Additionally, most of the recorded videos we produce require motion graphic elements.

What is a motion graphics video?

A motion graphics video refers to a video that is produced using software, without any filmed footage. It is an extension of graphic design and often includes advanced elements of typography, illustration and photography, but is also animated.

Animated video vs motion graphics

The majority of video projects that we work on tend to be footage based with motion graphics overlaid to provide an interesting way of presenting information or highlighting facts.

Occasionally, a project requires animating rather than filming. Animation these days often refers to a 3D computer animation (think Pixar or Dreamworks). However we are also able to produce 2D cartoon style animations, like the Tennis Rattle promo video below (which also contains motion graphics elements!):

The animation can be as simple or complicated as the client wishes, from opening film credits (such as the Paramount or 20th Century Fox logos you see before films in the cinema) to simple but effective text based animations more akin to an attractive powerpoint display.