Web Videos

Today, video equals search

YouTube is one of the most used  web video search engines in the world. Google owns YouTube. It’s no mistake that a fortune 500 company such as Google invested in the world’s most popular online video platform. In the scrabble to gain visibility on an increasingly crowded internet, a good video optimised well to be found on YouTube or Vimeo can be a great way of separating yourself from the competition.

The changes in video technology over the last 5 – 10 years have been astounding. We can now produce full HD films with special effects that only big budget Hollywood film-makers could previously have hoped to achieve.

That said, we’re aware that not everyone wishes for explosions and strobe lights in their corporate videos (mores the pity). The advancements in technology benefit small and large companies alike by allowing them to work to their own budgets.

PixelSparks web video production

Here’s what you get with a PixelSparks video production:

  • Carefully crafted storylines
    We take care to produce unique, interesting videos for each and every client. We give advice on how to ‘spice up’ content that might be dry if delivered naturally. From storyboard to completion the client is involved in every step of the process.
  • Professional motion graphics
    Motion graphics are the spit-n-shine of modern promotional videos on the web. Whether a simple animated logo or a video using green screen and graphical aids, these professional touches help add character and depth to videos without detracting from the main content.
  • Quality bespoke soundtrack
    Hans Zimmer eat your heart out. Great music can turn a good video into a great video – we produce our soundtracks in house, or alternatively have access to a large catalogue of backing tracks suitable for use on your video.
  • Video distribution
    We can help you distribute your video across many channels on the web quickly and efficiently! With our expert skills in web design we can also help you to embed your videos on your site, host them effectively and maximise their benefit for your search engine optimisation strategy.
  • Future proof videos
    Ever wondered what would happen if you had a video produced and 6 months down the line an element of the video is no longer accurate? An example of this might be a statistic quoted, or a company address change.
    For your peace of mind: we produce all videos using dynamic linked files – which in plain English means that we can access the entire production a year down the line and edit numbers, dates, edit scenes, and even update the video content itself.